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Datacipher Transforms Cybersecurity Management For a Leading Consultancy with Specialized XSOAR Training

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The consultancy’s cybersecurity teams were tasked with managing complex security operations across numerous banking clients. The primary challenge was the integration and effective utilization of the XSOAR tool, which is crucial for automating and orchestrating security processes. However, the intricacies of XSOAR required a deep understanding to leverage its full capabilities effectively, which the teams initially lacked.


To address this skills gap, Datacipher delivered a specialized training program on XSOAR (EDU-380 – Cortex XSOAR: Automation and Orchestration), tailored to the specific needs of the consultancy. The training focused on enabling participants to develop customized playbooks for automating and orchestrating their unique security use cases. Datacipher’s trainer provided hands-on guidance, helping the teams to grasp complex automation scenarios and improve their proficiency in managing security operations through XSOAR.


The training program was highly successful, culminating in a competitive event where teams showcased their newly developed security playbooks. This exercise not only demonstrated the practical application of the training but also fostered a deeper understanding of XSOAR among the participants. The consultancy recognized the significant improvement in their teams’ capabilities, leading to more efficient and effective security management across their client base.


A prominent consultancy with extensive operations across various sectors is renowned for providing expert solutions and services to enhance enterprise security. The firm supports multiple top-tier banking environments, requiring advanced capabilities in cybersecurity automation and orchestration to maintain robust defenses against evolving threats.


The training provided by Datacipher was transformative for our teams. The ability to customize and automate our security operations through XSOAR has greatly enhanced our effectiveness in managing client security.
Senior Security Manager


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