Aruba Network Security Fundamentals, Rev. 20.41

The Aruba Network Security Fundamentals (NSF) course covers foundational security concepts. It describes common security threats and vulnerabilities and provides an overview of important security technologies. It teaches how to create a trusted network infrastructure with Aruba mobility solutions and switches. In addition to discussing device hardening, the course discusses implementing security at the edge with AAA, basic roles and firewall policies, dynamic segmentation, and endpoint classification. The course will further explain basic threat detection technologies and how to collect logs and alarms and use them to initiate an investigation.

Virtual Classroom Live


A network or help desk engineer working in a customer or partner environment that has six months to a year of experience in networking. In both wired and wireless environments.

Course Outline
  1. Protect and Defend

    • Define security terminology
    • Harden devices
    • Secure a WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network)
    • Secure a wired LAN (Local Area Network)
    • Secure the WAN (Wide Area Network)
    • Classify endpoints
  2. Analyze

    • Threat detection
    • Troubleshooting
    • Endpoint classification
  3. Investigate

    • Forensics