Versa Advanced SD Security (V-ASEC)

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This two-day course is designed to provide participants with an understanding of the Versa Networks Software Defined Security features and functions that are part of the Versa Operating System (VOS™), and the methods of configuring, managing, and monitoring the security services through the VOS CLI, Versa Director, and Versa Analytics.

The course puts these concepts into practice with step-by-step, hands-on lab exercises which allow participants to gain conceptual and practical knowledge and skills in the configuration, deployment, administration, and monitoring of the Versa SD Security features.

This course is based on VOS 20.2.

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This course is designed for engineers who plan, implement, and services Versa SD-WAN or vCPE networks.
Target roles include Systems Engineers, Network Engineers, Network Security Specialists, Field Engineers, Technical Support personnel, Channel Partners and resellers.

Course Outline
Labs Outline
  • Describe the security features and functions of a Versa Networks SD-WAN solution.
  • Configure and deploy a Versa Networks SD-WAN security with the following features and functions:
    • Stateful Firewall (L3/L4)
    • SSL Inspection
    • SSL Decryption (Forward and Full Proxy)
    • Application Identification and control
    • URL filtering based on URL strings, risk factors, URL categories, and reputations
    • Captive Portal
    • IP Filtering based on reputation and geo-location
    • User and Group Authentication (Active Directory Integration)
    • Anti Virus support
    • IDP (deep packet inspection) features and functions
    • Web Proxy
    • Service Pack installation and updates
  • Monitoring security functions through Versa Director and Versa Analytics.