Versa Secure SD-WAN Configuration and Administration [V-SDCA]

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This two-day course is designed to provide participants with an understanding of the Versa Networks Software Defined Security features and functions that are part of the Versa Operating System (VOS™), and the methods of configuring, managing, and monitoring the Secure SD-WAN through the VOS CLI, Versa Director, and Versa Analytics.

The course puts these concepts into practice with step-by-step, hands-on lab exercises which allow participants to gain conceptual and practical knowledge and skills in the configuration, deployment, administration, and monitoring of the Versa Secure SD-WAN.

This course is based on VOS 20.2.

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This course is designed for engineers who plan, implement, and services Versa SD-WAN or vCPE networks.
Target roles include Systems Engineers, Network Engineers, Network Security Specialists, Field Engineers, Technical Support personnel, Channel Partners and resellers.

What You’ll Learn
  • This course consists of 18 lessons:
  • Control and Data Planes
  • Device Templates
  • Service Templates
  • Template Workflows
  • Device Workflows
  • Creating Controllers
  • Creating Devices
  • Full Mesh
  • Spoke-to-Hub-Only
  • Spoke-to-Spoke-via-Hub
  • Spoke-to-Spoke-Direct
  • Hub Controllers
  • Device Configuration Management
  • Software Management and Upgrades
  • Alarms and Notifications
  • Real-time Statistics Monitoring
  • Historical Statistics Analysis
  • Diagnostic Tools
Course Outline
Labs Outline

2-day Instructor Led Training (ILT) or Instructor Led Online (ILO)

Course includes access to the online self-paced version of the course for 1 year for reference and study.

  • Describe the benefits of an SD-WAN solution.
  • Describe the control and data planes of the Versa Secure SD-WAN solution.
  • Become efficient in using the Versa Director user interface.
  • Create, modify, and delete templates using Device Template Workflows.
  • Create, modify, and delete appliances using Device Workflows.
  • Describe the functionality of full mesh and hub-and-spoke topologies.
  • Configure full mesh and hub-and-spoke topologies.
  • Import and export device configurations.
  • Manage software patches and upgrades, and upgrade CPE devices using Versa Director.
  • Monitor and analyze network performance using Versa Director and Versa Analytics.
  • Use built-in diagnostic tools to test network reachability and performance.