Service Provider Routing and Switching, Expert (JNCIE-SP)

The Service Provider Routing and Switching track enables you to demonstrate a thorough understanding of networking technology in general and Juniper Networks service provider routing and switching platforms. JNCIE-SP is at the pinnacle of the Service Provider Routing and Switching certification track.The JNCIE-SP lab exam is designed to validate your ability to implement, troubleshoot and maintain Juniper Networks service provider networks. The 6-hour format of this exam requires that you build a service provider network consisting of multiple vMX virtual routers. You will perform system configuration on all devices, implement various protocols, policies and VPNs, multicasts, and class of services.

Exam Details

We recommend the following resources to help you prepare for your exam. However, these resources aren't required, and using them doesn't guarantee you'll pass the exam.Exam questions are derived from the recommended training and the exam resources listed above. The exam is only provided in English.

Recommended Training

JNCIE-SP Certification Self-Study BundleAll courses listed for the underlying certifications

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