The technology industry witnessed numerous high profile-organized security breaches in the recent year. Following the well publicized trespasses, overall interest has piqued drastically in the security and vulnerability market. IDC predicts that the security and vulnerability management market will exceed revenue of $6.4 Billion with a CAGR of 9.1 percent by 2017. This means that the market is poised for steadfast growth in the coming years. However, a lack of human resource plagues this sector. To aid the growth of competent professionals, Datacipher set out in its advent of training to Enterprises, Corporate & Individuals in relevant areas. “Training, development and education are important to an individual’s growth and an organization’s success. Datacipher, a Juniper Networks Authorized Education Partner (JNAEP), began with the thought of providing organizations with strategic and innovative solutions on Technical Training & Development,” says Amar R Kotha, CEO, Datacipher Solutions.

“Every company requires different training solutions and to ensure they meet the needs of the clients. We emerged by offering a wide range of solutions such as certifications based training, customized training, and off-the shelf tailored training, to match clients’ projects and organizational needs.” Says Asif Ali Khan, CTO, Datacipher. Datacipher believes that the training provided is targeted towards specific performance objectives, building training experiences that are content appropriate and discussing opportunities to encourage practice.

The company is equipped with a pool of excellent trainers who are recognized for their Quality Deliverables and have been associated with the company since its establishment. The company delivers trainings through Instructor-led Training (ILT) or Instructor-Led Online (ILO) over the Web which is the standard Juniper Model. Both models are equally effective in improving individual competence. The trainers at the institute are Juniper Certified Instructors all of whom hold experience in training right from basic to expert level in all domains such as Security, Routing & Switching, and Service provider Segments.

On April 17 2015 Juniper networks recognized DataCipher as one of the leading authorized education parterner in the asia pacific region and awarded the platinum JNAEP Partner of Year Awards

The course content of the programs is very fluid in nature. The subject matter is constantly updated with the change in the industry trends and it is also adjusted depending on the individual students as Kotha explains, “We provide customized course content, with Juniper consent, based on specific requirements shared by our customers.” The content is tailored depending on the varying needs of candidates, and their interests and requirements.

The company also has tieups with various corporate entities that nominate candidates for Juniper Networks training as Asif explains, “Every company and its IT managers believe sufficient training and appropriate certification can lead directly to improvement in Network Installation, Management, and Security performance. There is significant evidence of the specific and measurable benefits of sufficient training and Juniper Products & Technologies.”

certification. Many tasks performed by network engineers and network security engineers were positively impacted by sufficient training. For instance: Routers/ Switches & Firewalls were installed correctly in the 1st attempt and this results in effective usage of time & effort of each Individual, rather than pursuing R&D on production Network and placing the organization at a risk, beside the wastage of time. IT managers have clearly stated that Juniper Training & Certification improves IT employee’s ability to fully leverage Juniper Products & Technologies.”

Laurels and their significance

On April 17, 2015, Juniper Networks recognized Datacipher as one of the leading Authorized Education Partners in the Asia Pacific Region and awarded the Platinum JNAEP Partner of the Year Award. “The award shows our quality training delivery and dedication in corporate training market. This also brings us a sense of responsibility and to generate more value to our customers who have shown a strong trust on Juniper and Datacipher,” said Amar Kotha.

Currently the training institute receives over 200 new candidates every month in various Juniper certified courses through individual applications as well as through various organizations that nominate candidates for the training.

The company’s consulting-led approach with integrated portfolio of Training services and Professional Services delivered through its unique methodologies has been recognized as the benchmark of excellence in training, and its trusted client relationships make it unique in its own standing. Datacipher’s vision is to emerge as the premier, preferred partner for infrastructure, network design, implementation, security processes, and training services for all enterprises across the globe

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