Junos Layer 3 VPNs (JL3V)


This three-day course is designed to provide students with MPLS-based Layer 3 VPN (L3VPN) knowledge and configuration examples. The course includes an overview of MPLS L3VPN concepts, scaling L3VPNs, Internet access, interprovider L3VPNs, and multicast for L3VPNs. This course also covers Junos operating system (OS) specific implementations of Layer 3 VPNs. The concepts are put into practice with a series of hands-on labs, allowing participants to gain experience configuring and monitoring L3VPNs on Junos OS devices. These hands-on labs utilize the Juniper Networks vMX Series devices using the Junos OS Release 22.1R1.10 and are also applicable to other MX Series devices. This course is also available On-Demand.


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This course offers an in-depth exploration of MPLS VPNs, detailing the distinctions between provider-provisioned and customer-provisioned VPNs, as well as Layer 2 versus Layer 3 VPNs. It focuses on the configuration and management of BGP Layer 3 VPNs using Junos OS, including roles of CE, PE, and P routers, and handling of BGP routing information. Participants will also learn to set up routing instances, utilize BGP extended communities, and implement advanced VPN configurations such as hub-and-spoke networks and QoS mechanisms.


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